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Bettina Szremkó

Bettina Szremkó

animation designer

Hello there! I’m Betti, I’m a fine art technician. I attended several film festivals in the past 5 years, and I was remunerated at some. I also make illustrations, sculptures and paintings. My hobby is film analysis.
Dóra Csőke

Dóra Csőke

graphic designer

Hey! I’m Dóra, I study Product Design (MA) at MOME. I also do graphic designs and image designs, and I often participate in exhibitions with my paintings and graphics.

Only the results matter, everything else is just equivocation. Every part of online marketing can be precisely measured, and that’s what we believe in.

NextStep ICA – Integrated Communications Agency – is a Central and Eastern European company with approximately ten years of history. We offer cost-effective and qualitative solutions in the field of online marketing.
Our main activities are integrated online campaign planning and marketing strategy, and we also perform all the necessary subtasks, including communication on social media platforms, website development, content marketing, design, etc.
Our prices are way below the North American and Western European Agencies’ fees, but that does not effect the quality of our work. Our colleagues are talented, creative people who graduated from marketing specialized universities. They have up to date knowledge and relevant experience, and they communicate in accordance with the European norms and value systems. We put great emphasis on their continuing education so they regularly attend professional training. We even like to learn from our competition, mostly from American resources.

Our special areas:

• non-profit sector,
• financial sector,
• health care,
• real estate market,
• building industry,
• marketing of IT companies,
• educational institutions and restaurants,
• hospitality industry,
• tourism,
• online wholesale trade (dropshipping)

The scope of our activities:

• integrateg online communication, marketing strategy
• campaign planning, rich media campaigns
• online and offline media buying
• database marketing, e-dm campaigns
• social media communication, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter
• PPC campaign management: AdWords and Facebook
• content marketing, blogging
• website development, wording
• unique IT developments
• webdesign, logo, corporate identity design

In case you are interested in how we could improve your online communication, what possibilites can we offer and what results would be achievable for your company, please arrange a meeting with us! The first consultation is free and without any obligations, as well as our quotation.

Please contact us, so you can have more consumers and bigger profit from the online channels even by tomorrow.