Video content is not the future anymore, it's the present. You need it as well. Don't miss out!

Vloggers sitting in their room alone can generate bigger views that national television today. They earn more money than serious politicians or senior managers. Media's world has changed once and for all.

People want to consume quality content from trustful sources. Video content can spread on the internet like fire and they can cause viral effect. What does that mean? It means that if people love you, you can get such publicity for free, that you couldn't reach with millions of dollars spent on advertisement.

Don't stay behind your competitors who already have cool videos on YouTube.

Trust the professionals. It's worth it. Video marketing is content marketing, that is about quality, not quantity. A poorly recorded, amateur video can harm your company's reputation. Use professional technique! It's not enough to be a professional but you must look like one, too.

Professional solutions at an affordable price
- content development at its best

We have 16 years of experience in filming and:
- Market research
- Cutting
- Editing, subtitling
- Dubbing, music, full postproduction
- Booking shooting locations
- Script writing, dramaturge
- Casting
- Employing professional actors
- Stage design
- Impact assessment, testing

- We have our own studio, cameraman, reporter
- Full technical equipment
All in one hand! You only have to tell us about your needs. How much all this costs? You will be surprised!

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Useful marketing tips for free!

Create useful content! Talk about what you're good at. Show it! Build a thankful audience for yourself.
Are you a hairdresser? Showcase the newest haircut techniques.
Are you an architect? Show the people a simple program that can help them design the house of their dreams.
Are you a veterinarian? Show them how to take care of their pets - the possibilities are endless!

Why is video better than anything before? Because

- It can be more personal
- It has effect on more senses, it's easy to love and it catches people's attention
- It leaves bigger space to creativity
- People like to watch videos more than reading texts
- It's easier to explain complicated things in videos than in writing
- It makes communication more authentic and people friendly
- It's more natural, easier to digest than reading texts
- It gives more opportunities for expressing yourself and humor
- It's more interactive
Ordinary is deadly. Shooting videos doesn't only require expertise, but also creativity, new, unconventional solutions and ideas. That's what we are good at.

We dive into the project, we understand your needs and show you our plans. Help us understand your product's, company's or service's uniqueness and advantages, and we will gladly translate it into the target market's language.

By 2017, 79% of all contents on the internet will be video content based on Cisco's research. People like to be educated online, see how to do things, understand how the process works. They can easily get help for their everyday problems.

Teach them! You can have your own TV channel without any permissions and direct costs.

Animations, 2D – 3D animated movies, drawings

You don't necessarily have to use real people in your videos and advertisements. Our graphic designers can make your ideas into reality with the help of 3D animations, if you want a real unique appearance.

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