Successful ones.

Why? Because we know how to. We have up to date knowledge about the latest marketing trends: we read international news every day, as well as newsletters, blogs from abroad. We go to trainings and conferences, too, so learning takes up 10-20% of our time.

We have experience: as for now we write 37 blogs in Hungarian, from week to week in different topics. We've been doing this for 5 years.

Not everything can be learned: our colleagues are instinctively creative so they are able to write texts that are really unique, interesting, innovative, astounding, or really funny in some cases, and they love what they do.

This can really make you break through, even if you can't see that coming - we have 'blown up' several industries and made market leaders out of mid-range companies with our unconventional texts.

We have our sources: Without the right channels it's really hard to write 3 articles per week about window installation, baby furniture, online language training or condensing boilers.
We solved all of the above mentioned tasks – we have a methodology for coming up with the topics and many sources that help us as well. We work just like an editorial staff: every article we write is reviewed by a lector as well as by our editor in chief. We really make sure there are no typos, spelling or grammatical errors in them, and we can guarantee that.

We have specialist journalists for the professional articles we write: they help us by providing the appropriate topic ideas that our colleagues can rewrite based on the given style and tone. We work with more than 50 subcontractors, who are publicists and editors of famous newspapers.

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What results can you expect from a blog we will write for you?

We measure the results in the number of new customers and the money spent.

Blogs work in the long run, you cannot expect immediate results, like with AdWords or Facebook adverts. Typically it's a few months' time or a year, until you see the magic it does – however then it will be the most cost-effective, channel, that brings the best customers.

Why? The most effective tools of online marketing are the following these days: appearance in search engines, social media presence and content marketing - and as a part of that: blogging.

As the owner of a blog you can basically release a newspaper for your target market for free. You should mind the distribution of the useful content and the advertisements, and this way you can communicate with your customers in a loveable way that they will enjoy as well. You can share useful, interesting and funny contents with them, that they will want to read.

This way you can make them into more loyal, more positive customers than you could through the conventional channels. This can make the sales process a lot shorter.

How much does a blog cost?

The blog itself is free if you use a free service provider or if you insert it into your own website. If you want to create a new microsite for it, that costs between 200-400€.

The design and the unique settings usually cost around 60-150€, based on your needs. You can pick a template out of the many that already exist if you don't want a unique design in the beginning - although that looks a lot more professional. We suggest 2-5 posts per week to make it live and interactive. The price of an article is between 8-25€, based on the needs.

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