If done correctly, even a single email - sent to a good database - can be the most cost-effective, fastest, most effective marketing tool in your hands. Its small sibling is sending texts to people, but that’s far less cost-effective. Its ancestor is the classic DM, which is considered rather expensive these days, but because its uniqueness, it can still be effective due to the lack of competitors in the field.

It’s a must for all companies to build their email database consciously (with the help of a CRM system, rewarding the customers for example with free samples), to use autoresponders (for example for those who are interested in a course you can send information, for those who apply you can send instructions what to bring for the first day), and to send weekly newsletters (with professional news).

The cost-effectiveness of the method can only compete with content marketing’s, although in this case you can immediately see the results, unlike in the other one. Because today even AdWords costs can be too high for the smaller companies, they need to seek cheaper opportunities in the long run.

Conscious email marketing is one of those opportunities. Sending emails, newsletters and using autoresponders have been useful tools for many decades now.

You should think outside the box. You can reach conversion rates that you previously couldn’t, not even with expensive advertising spaces.
Actually, it’s the center piece of it.

Once you write a great message, you can use it on all platforms, meaning you can put it in a newsletter as well as in a Facebook or LinkedIn status update. The most important things are: 1) to create content that is carefully planned, is able to sell, is interesting and loveable, and is needed by the target audience, 2) to measure the conversions precisely, and to process the results.

One more thing that is important and not only for email marketing:
You need a good database. It needs to be constantly updated and it should contain people that are part of the target audience, that are interested in your letters and will read them, who will trust you and purchase your product or service.

This needs a lot of work of course, but once you have the solution, you are good for once and all. The luckiest situation is when the product development and the marketing is in the same hands, because to be successful in the long run you need:

1) a product or a service that is developed according to the target market’s needs

2) communication that can reach and touch them

3) a USP that was tested and brought results

… because every platform you use will reflect the efficiency and marketability of this message, whether it’s Instagram or email marketing.

To sum it all up, if the product development team listens to the marketing team, and the marketing results are constantly and correctly measured, even a weak message can be transformed into a great one.

What you need for successful email communication:

- a good website
- a CRM system (and an admin)
- prewritten and adjusted autoresponders
- detailed description of the planned process
- newsletter sending system (if it’s not included in the CRM sytem)
- conversion measurement system
- database
- a strong message, offer
- great contents
- prepared customer service

If you want us to take care of all this for you, please don’t hesitate to arrange a meeting with us! It’s free.

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