There’s a new restaurant opening and closing up every single week. We know how you can remain on your feet in the long run, what you can do to provide a real experience for your customers, and to make them return every time.

The key in catering is competent marketing!

A lot of the hosts still think they don’t need a name plate. These days? Of course they do!
The marketing of a restaurant (and we don’t only think about advertisements when we say this but also the waiters’ style, their clothing, the menu, the tableware, everything, that the guests will see) needs a special, practiced team, because someone with a general knowledge could easily fail in this field.

The biggest mistake is not doing it, or not doing it consciously!

The restaurants people envy the most usually have a well-planned, detailed, precisely implemented, conscious marketing strategy.
This – of course – needs a lot of time, energy and money to be successful.

What do we mean by that?

- You have to decide what’s going to be the restaurant’s main message, that’s going to be the base of everything. What is the unique advantage that only you can provide? It can be a gesture, a small present, anything that people can love and will find only at your place.

- Who is the target group? Are there enough people in it, and is there a channel that you can use to reach them? How can you communicate with them? Yes, you should decide about all this in advance.

- What kinds of drinks and food do you want to sell to your customers, and for how much? Is the demand big enough for that?

- Where is your restaurant located? The site selection is one of the most important factors in this business. The rent is a significant part of the marketing budget.

- You have to synchronize the outside and the inside of the restaurant, the staff’s clothing, the tableware, the advertising boards, the menu, the labels, all according to your main message and the goals you set. Which should be clear in the beginning of course.

- You have to show people that your staff and the chefs are all professionals, and you can also involve your audience by showing them your recipes and how the food is made. People love that!

- You have to create a website that reflects your style, sign up on all the social media sites, and communicate on them according to your message. You also have to create conversion pixels and the possibility to book tables online, as well as a form for the consumers to be able to ask for a quotation for events.

- You have to have an AdWords account and an advertising strategy. In the beginning it’s recommended to advertise locally, because most of the guests usually arrive from a few km radius.

- You have to create relevant content for your website that’s appropriate for your search keywords. Recipes, high quality food photos and videos about the work you do in the kitchen can be really popular. You can build a small love brand.

- Food delivery is really basic these days so you should find your special positioning, target market or specialty if you have delivery in the plans.

- In case of special occasions and events (e.g. birthdays, family events, weddings, class reunions, teambuilding training, business meetings) you should have a targeted direct marketing strategy with special adverts for the best results.

- You should also consider building an affiliate network with wedding planners, event organizers, nearby hotels and hostels, taxi companies, depending on the restaurant’s profile.

… and we have many other tips and tricks as well as successful references.

Useful marketing tips for free!

Do you want your marketing to be free?

Because of our many years of experience in restaurant marketing we have a good relationship with several wholesalers and distributor companies of beers, wines, soft drinks, energy drinks, etc., who can provide catering units significant, non-refundable financial marketing support in exchange for distribution of their products.

Let them finance your marketing. They pay, we do the work and you can enjoy the results. Once your traffic gets heavy, everyone will be happy. Needless to say – as you probably already know – the marketing of a restaurant, diner or club is a lot different than any other branch of marketing.

Not everyone is good at this field, you need a speacialist for your restaurant’s marketing!

NextStep can help you:
- to gain a foothold on the market

- to choose your perfect target market in order to earn the highest revenue possible with minimum input

- to remain on your feet in the long run

- to specify the communication style of your website and your staff

- to explore how you can provide the best experience for your guests that will make them come back again

- to establish the prices

- to organize events that lots of people will want to go to

- to create a unique design for the inside and the outside of your place - all the way from the napkins to the walls

- to design the corporate identity of your online platforms

- to come up with that unique idea that will make you stand out from the crowd so that people will remember your hospitality

- to build a love brand for your restaurant – because the way to a man's heart is through his stomach…